Introducing E-Claims

The E-Claims claim management system is the first solution that mixes the modern web technologies with the so-called thick client solutions.
Our aim is to provide up-to-date and exact information to everyone involved in the process of claim handling.
The system monitors the claim file from the notification to the payment procedure.
E-Claims is capable of handling vehicle, property and every other claim types.
This is a multilingual solution to provide international services.
During the design phase, our vision was to create a unique, innovative system to facilitate daily tasks and workflow by providing online, detailed, up-to-date information about the claim files to all parties (expert office, insurance company, etc.).



E-claims presentation


  • Astra Biztosító Zrt.
  • Aon Magyarország Kft. 
  • Mabisz
  • MOL Nyrt.
  • CDH Hungary Kft.
  • Claim Controll Kft.
  • Autotal Kft.

System solutions

  • Signing, claim control
    • Process monitoring
    • Letter templates
    • Document attachments, forms (administration, financial, summaries, etc.)
    • Task allocation, status monitoring
      • Time tracking (deadlines)
      • Revision
      • Statistics, management reports
      • Wreck market (Autoonline interface)

E-Claims modules

      • Vehicle
      • Property
      • CRM
      • Other claim handling solutions